Meet Burrito.


There she is!  That’s Burrito.  My friend.  My mentor.  My roommate.  First things first, I love all cats of all kinds, shapes, and sizes (even cats that might not be that fond of me).  I like dogs too, but definitely prefer cats.  I like that cats are temperamental and run hot and cold from minute to minute.  They make you work for their affection, which makes it all the more meaningful.

My love of cats was inherited from my mother, also a lifelong lover of cats.  We had a burmese named Dooley until I was 18 (R.I.P., little meatloaf) and she got Virgil (another burmese) a few months after Dooley’s passing in 2005.  You’re probably wondering how Burrito came into my life.

“Such a beautiful specimen must have cost tens of thousands of dollars!  How could you afford her?!?,” you’re thinking.

Burrito found me!  She was homeless in 2011 when she followed me home.  I always kept cat food in my apartment (there were some other cats in the neighborhood I would feed occasionally–I know that sounds weird.  And, frankly, it is.), so I invited Burrito upstairs for a little nosh.  She ate a whole can of wet food in about 14 seconds. Because she was such a friendly little thing, I assumed she had a home, so we parted ways.  But sure enough, about two weeks later we were reunited for good and we’ve been roommates every since.


In 2015, David and I got married and we moved in with him.  She definitely prefers him to me, but that’s ok, she needed a strong male influence in her life and I’m glad he can provide that for her.


In terms of temperament, she’s very quizzical, friendly, and, like most cats, aloof.  As much as Burrito is my favorite thing in the world, I promise to also write about other things.  Just know, it’ll be a pretty feline-heavy blog.


Goodbye for meow.


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