Are You Engaged? Boy, Do I Have Advice For You!

First, I’m so sorry for the delay in a post.  It’s been almost a week!  As you can imagine, it’s been quite a week with unpacking and getting settled/organized. 

We’re still not completely done, but I’d say we’re about 70-80 percent unpacked.  I swear, it’s as if our boxes somehow doubled in transit to Chicago.  Unpacking, like its colleague, Packing, is so tedious.  Instead of bore you with the details of where we put everything and how our fancy china is now stored in my bedroom closet, I wish to impart some wisdom to folks who may be reading this and are also engaged.

Look at the happy couple in that picture. So happy, so in love, and yet, so naive about all of the crap they’re going to have to haul across the country. 

Unless you love entertaining or really, truly see yourself transforming into someone who entertains, you probably don’t need 28 stemless wine glasses or 8 different kinds of juice glasses (why did I think I would need so many different styles of regular juice glasses?!?) or a thousand napkin rings. 
Now, don’t skimp on items on the registry. Nothing is more annoying than going to a couples registry 3 months before the wedding and seeing that everything has already been purchased. Stock the registry with your must-have items and even the items you’re not sure about (giant decorative bowls? Sure!) but, here comes the advice, be very willing to exchange for a gift card.  (Write a thank you note for the gift that was given though, duh.)  

I wish David and I had been more realistic about knowing which gifts we just weren’t ever going to use–either now or in the future.  An extra trip to Crate and Barrel a year and a half ago would have made for much less stuff to haul back to Chicago. 
Totally my opinion, but a few bigger ticket items that I loved were a Kitchen-Aid mixer, crock pot, and Vitamix. If these make it on to your registry and into your home, do not exchange them! Even if you think you won’t use theme, you will, I promise! 

While we’re on the topic, my favorite wedding gift was this cat statute from one of my mom’s best friends (a fellow cat lover, obviously). It’s about 15 pounds, so it doubles as a weapon in case anyone breaks in to our apartment.

Goodbye for meow. 

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