Battle of the Yoga Pants

On the same day the price of Lululemon’s shares took a precipitous tumble, I am writing a post comparing their Align Pant with Athleta’s Salutation Pant.  First things first, I love both of these pants and rarely wear anything else to yoga.  If it’s a hot yoga class, I’m partial to Lululemon’s Wunder Under Shorts or the discontinued Liberty Shorts.

Let’s get to it–

Lululemon’s Align pant definitely seem like they would be see-through, but I tried them on in-store and I bent and stretch every which way and was all clear.  I don’t like super compression tights, so these are terrific.  They’re a 7/8 length, which is great because Lululemon pants are often quite long on me (I’m 5’3..and a half).  The ankle does stretch out a bit after a wash or two (I wash all of my yoga pants inside out and generally by themselves–I only dry them for 15-20 minutes and let them air dry the rest of the way).  I also have the Align crops (19″ long) and there’s no problem with stretching out on those.  I love that these are seamless–it really feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.  One item to note, certain lighter colors show sweat very easily.  I returned the dark red color because of this problem.  The navy and black are fine–I’d steer clear of anything lighter though.  Size-wise, these run a little bigger than Lululemons other pants.

Pros: Soft, non-compression fabric.  7/8 length. Seamless.

Cons: Ankle stretched out after a few wears/washes. Light colors show sweat quite easily.

Athleta’s Salutation pant is similar to the Align pant.  They’re a little tighter (these are my first pair of Athleta pants, so I don’t know how the others compare, but I got an XS) and the fabric, while very similar, isn’t identical. These are less expensive (by about $20) than the Align pant.  These do have seams, which I don’t love but isn’t a deal breaker by any means.  These are also 7/8 length and the ankles are intact after the first wash.  (I just bought these a few days ago, so I’ve only washed them once.)

Pros: 7/8 length. Price.  Sleek fabric.

Cons: Little too much like compression tights.  Seams.

Overall, I really like both, but give my official endorsement to Lululemon’s Align pants.  Hopefully my endorsement takes them out of the red after today’s disappointing sales forecast.

Goodbye for meow.

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