Patty O’Furniture

It’s not much but that’s my little patio.  The weather is finally starting to get nicer–at least on a more consistent basis.  I love having that little (teeny tiny) bit of space outside, but really didn’t think I’d use it; that is, until David suggested getting some chairs to put out there.  Target had an excellent array of patio furniture and this ‘lil set was on sale–$80 for the lot of it!  Chairs here and side table here.

Three days later and I’m obsessed with it. Some days, if I’m working from home, I don’t actually get outside until I leave for lunchtime yoga, so having a cup of ginger tea (I am not a coffee drinker) and reading the news (or, ya know, lifestyle blogs) for 10-15 minutes is soooo nice.  Then, before dinner, swap the tea for for wine and the news for some David Sedaris essays, and it’s the same scene.

I never thought much about outdoor space, but now I’m really jealous of anyone (particularly anyone who lives in a city) with a yard or, better yet, a roof deck of their very own!

Also, after weeks of putting birdseed on the patio–a bird finally landed on it yesterday!  He enjoyed a little snack….until Burrito noticed and pounced thus causing the bird to flee.  She went nuts and has an even keener interest in watching the patio like, well, a hawk.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll eat my lunch on the patio today.  Happy Friday!

Goodbye for meow.

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