Rome’ing Around Eataly

Man oh man, this writing blog posts business is not easy and certainly doesn’t come as naturally to me as I had hoped.  I have plenty of decent ideas for blog posts, but blog posts need pictures and my husband’s patience does have its limits.  (And, if I’m being honest, sometimes the thought of putting on extra make-up or a cute outfit seems to great a task to undertake.)

Life in Chicago is terrific.  Truly, my only complaint is that I miss my friends in DC.  It is so nice being closer to family and Chicago is the best place to be in the summer months (no swamp-like humidity!).  I started a new job recently with a boutique travel company specializing in travel to Africa, which I’ve been enjoying, and doing plenty of yoga.  So, yeah, livin’ large.  For the time being at least, I’ve successfully eliminated most sources of stress and it feels really nice.

A few weeks ago David and I indulged in a really wonderful evening at Eataly.  (Fun Fact: We had our post-wedding brunch at Eataly and it was a big hit.  Nutella crepes for all!)

I had a white fish (obviously), but I can’t for the life of me remember what kind.  Sole maybe?  Trout perhaps?  At any rate, it was delicious.

Then I perused the olive oil and cheese sections.  I bought a bottle of this stuff, which I also had with dinner and it was exquisite AND only $11!

That’s all I’ve got for now.  I’ll try to get a somewhat more regular posting schedule–I certainly can’t blame it on my rigorous schedule!

Goodbye for meow.

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